Fort Augustus & Loch Ness

Touring the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands come with a certain mystery and charm, evoking the romance in all of us, and for centuries the famous myths and legends have drawn visitors in from far and wide.

With its movie-set wilderness, mist-cloaked mountains, crumbling castles and booming foodie scene, the Scottish Highlands have long been a draw for travellers. And now, with the rising cost of holidays abroad, the Scottish Highlands’ popularity with UK travellers in particular is soaring like never before.

With Rough Guide travel book recently voting it the most beautiful country in the world, plus the blockbuster TV show Outlander and the latest James Bond movies tempting us all, it’s hard not to place Scotland and indeed the Scottish Highlands at the top of your bucket list. Loch Ness itself was recently voted in a national poll one of the top ten must see places in Britain.

Even during peak tourist season in summer, it’s easy to find solitude in the Highlands, with only the odd red deer or Highland cow for company. Why not immerse yourself in the Scottish way of life, and experience for yourself in the majestic scenery and colourful history that this awe inspiring country has to offer.